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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 08:23

#beremedy Day Recap Featured

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beremedy Day Reaches all the Way to the UK

(Hey, that rhymes!)

It all started with a tweet Adam Swords received on a beautiful Wednesday in September. With the help of noted photographer, Jeremy Cowart, beremedy launched an official #beremedy day with Twitter as the vehicle. #beremedy day began what became a global campaign for helping others in need and sharing about it via social media. Meeting needs in local communities through the use of Twitter seemed like a productive way to spend the following day, and that’s exactly what Adam decided to do. 

The next day, Adam sped off on his quest. Not sure how to start such a task, he blindly started walking down the streets of his hometown Kenilworth, Warwickshire (UK). Armed only with a camera, clipboard, pens, paper, and goodwill, he began striking up conversations with locals. 

At first, this “cold calling” approach was tedious and Adam hit a few brick walls. But, after meandering a bit, he wandered into the local flower shop and stumbled upon his first need from the owner Gabriella- locally grown flowers. “Ok”, he thought, “I can handle this”. Holding a sign that read “I need locally grown flowers”, Adam snapped a photo of Gabriella and “voilá”, the first documented need. Encouraged by his success, he forged on through town arriving at the local youth center.

Here he found Andy, the manager of the center. Enthralled by the idea, Andy revealed a story about some local skaters badly in need of some good PR and an adept project manager. See, the locals weren’t so keen on the idea of their new skate park and generally perceive the skaters as noisy, troublesome delinquents. In an effort to raise money for the park, the youngsters were planning the release of a calendar. Adam knew he’d found THE need. 

A professional photographer, Adam quickly agreed to manage the calendar and mentor the skaters on sports photography. They couldn’t have been more excited and exhibited a level of maturity with which even their harshest critics would be impressed. 

In Adam’s own words, “And so that's what my #beremedy day amounted to. I've uncovered two people in need and helped a group myself - a pretty successful day by anyone's standards.” 
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