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Monday, 24 January 2011 10:26

Baby Items

This need has been met! We had several donors last night and the need was fully met today! Get this: we had donors donate items before we even posted this link on our social media sites. We're so excited to be able to meet this need. Thanks to YOU GUYS! Thanks for being the remedy.

NEW NEED: Baby Items

We love hearing about people helping others in their community. We got an email from Auntie Kim, a foster mother in Atlanta. She runs a non-profit that helps other foster parents take care of the kids in their homes. They provide a safe and loving environment for kids that have a tough story to tell. Auntie Kim informed us that one of the girls that she helps, Miss B, is a mom as well. She's young and learning that parenting isn't easy. She has a 3 yr. old and has one on the way. To be the best parent she can be, she needs a little help. Aside from the love, support, and guidance she gets from Auntie Kim, Miss B needs a few material items. Below is a list of what we're hoping to get for her:
Car Seat
Light-weight Stroller
Infant Formula- Good Start Soy
If you can help with all or even just part of this need or know of someone who can, email Amy Bley at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . She'll get you connected with the perfect way to help. Thanks for being the remedy!
Thursday, 20 January 2011 13:15

Boy's Clothes



This need was met in under 5 minutes! What a great way to start out the year! Below is the need we posted. 


NEW NEED: Boy's Clothes

Here at the beremedy, we're huge advocates of families. We've recently heard of a boy who was in foster care and is about to be adopted. This is really exciting! We've created a family for ourselves and can't wait for this guy to experience the same love we feel! Alas, some paper work got lost in the process and has created a significant hold up in the process between the states. While awaiting to be united with his new family, the foster home he was in burned down and he lost everything he owned, which wasn't much. His immediate needs are clothes, which we're also big advocates for. :) We'd really like to help him out but will need YOUR help to do this! Here's the details of what we need.

Size 11 Shoes

Size 32 Pants (long)

Size Medium and Large Shirts, Sweatshirts and Jackets.

Let's help this guy out while he's waiting on his new family! If you'd like to help with this need or know someone who can, email Cate Entrekin at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Monday, 13 December 2010 10:31

Bunk Beds


NEW NEED: Bunk Beds and Mattresses

As most of us have experienced lately or at some point, life can throw us curve balls sometimes. Sometimes we don't quite have everything we need to deal with it. Susan, a Forsyth county school employee, has taken in her daughter and family. There are not enough beds for the children and they don't have the means to purchase them. We'd like to get bunk beds for the kids so they can have a place to sleep of their own. If you can help with this need or know someone who can, email Amy Bley at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . She'll get you connected so you can donate and be a remedy this BEcember! Thanks for being the remedy!
Wednesday, 08 December 2010 11:03





Baby, it's cold outside! Don't forget your coat! If you don't have one, there's a problem. Bread of Life Ministries Food Kitchen is an organization out of Alabama and they're great at meeting needs in their community. A local group of middle schoolers is teaming up to collect coats for the people that this organization helps. We LOVE what they're doing and are joining in the hunt for wintery-weather-wear. If you've got an extra and want to give it, we'll take it to someone without one!

If you can help with this need or know someone that can, show up with your extra coats to the parking lot at North Point Community Church Alpharetta, Ga THIS Friday from 3-6pm. If you can't drop off your hand me downs, email Amy Bley at to get connected with the right people. Thanks for being the remedy.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010 13:58

Winter Boots



NEW NEED: Winter Boots Size 8.5


Here at beremedy, we love the fall season. The colors, crisp, cool air and the rain get us pretty pumped. We realize that without proper outerwear, this weather is a bit of a Debbie-Downer. How could anyone enjoy it while their toes are freezing? There's a young girl who is walking around in flip flops and although, she probably loves the weather just as much as we do, she has no means of acquiring some warmer wearables. We've been told that this girl doesn't ever ask for anything for herself. Let's do something for her and provide her with some fantastically furry footwear. This way, while she enjoys the changing weather, she can also remain healthy as the temperatures drop.

If you can help with this need or know someone who can, please email Jamie Prentice at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . She'll get you connected with the right people to make sure this growing girl gets what she needs.

We're hoping to get her something like those Ugg boots we're beginning to see more of. What's awesome is that you can find them most places now for a fraction of the price! OR here>>> online! She needs a size 8.5. Thanks for being the remedy!

Friday, 12 November 2010 11:00

#beremedy day recap

beremedy Day Reaches all the Way to the UK

(Hey, that rhymes!)

It all started with a tweet Adam Swords received on a beautiful Wednesday in September. With the help of noted photographer, Jeremy Cowart, beremedy launched an official #beremedy day with Twitter as the vehicle. #beremedy day began what became a global campaign for helping others in need and sharing about it via social media. Meeting needs in local communities through the use of Twitter seemed like a productive way to spend the following day, and that’s exactly what Adam decided to do. 

The next day, Adam sped off on his quest. Not sure how to start such a task, he blindly started walking down the streets of his hometown Kenilworth, Warwickshire (UK). Armed only with a camera, clipboard, pens, paper, and goodwill, he began striking up conversations with locals. 

At first, this “cold calling” approach was tedious and Adam hit a few brick walls. But, after meandering a bit, he wandered into the local flower shop and stumbled upon his first need from the owner Gabriella- locally grown flowers. “Ok”, he thought, “I can handle this”. Holding a sign that read “I need locally grown flowers”, Adam snapped a photo of Gabriella and “voilá”, the first documented need. Encouraged by his success, he forged on through town arriving at the local youth center.

Here he found Andy, the manager of the center. Enthralled by the idea, Andy revealed a story about some local skaters badly in need of some good PR and an adept project manager. See, the locals weren’t so keen on the idea of their new skate park and generally perceive the skaters as noisy, troublesome delinquents. In an effort to raise money for the park, the youngsters were planning the release of a calendar. Adam knew he’d found THE need. 

A professional photographer, Adam quickly agreed to manage the calendar and mentor the skaters on sports photography. They couldn’t have been more excited and exhibited a level of maturity with which even their harshest critics would be impressed. 

In Adam’s own words, “And so that's what my #beremedy day amounted to. I've uncovered two people in need and helped a group myself - a pretty successful day by anyone's standards.” 
Thursday, 11 November 2010 23:52

Who We Are

The Team 


Blake Canterbury
Founder and C.E.O.

Blake founded beremedy in 2009 after recognizing the potential of social media in helping communities. A life-long baseball star, Blake gave up the opportunity to play professionally in order to follow this dream. His background includes business management, social media specialist, and coaching.




Ken Westray
Chief Business Development Officer 

Ken Westray has extensive business experience in producing corporate profits demonstrated by his track record of leading major contributions in new products and developing new markets. Ken has successfully helped to develop and introduce over 60 commercially successful new products, in both domestic and international markets. In over 80% of these cases, new products not only achieved market leadership, but also maintained those positions for an average of 5 years, generating an average of 55% gross margins.

Amy Bley
Chief Communications Officer 

With degrees in both public relations and communication from Kennesaw State University, Amy brings a wealth of knowledge to theberemedy family. Over the last four years she has organized major events for companies such as Red Bull, Tom’s Shoes, and EMI CMG.




Jamie Prentice 
Chief Information Officer 

Jamie’s background in professional writing and SEO help articulateberemedy’s message. Her company, Bottom Line Copywriters, has worked with multiple companies and corporations throughout the United States and Canada. She holds a B.A. in sociology, a master’s in administration and policy, and is currently pursuing her doctorate in leadership.  




Cate Entrekin
Chief Creative Officer

Cate knows the ins and outs of our organization. With her upcoming degree in Art Marketing, and the ability to work with her left and right brain, Cate wears many hats. She takes strategic roles in projects of administration, volunteer coordination, graphic design and interface architecture and maintenance. Cate is passionate about the heart and soul of beremedy's purpose to help people reach their full potential. 




Brian Sudduth
Chief Analytics Officer

beremedy is full of dreamers. In order for our dream to become reality, we need someone like Brian to make sure that everything we do is within our scope and purpose as an organization. Being a detail-oriented person helps Brian analyze our processes, decisions and goals. He also is taking on the role of overseeing beremedy's west coast project in Bend, Oregon. The combination of his talents and capabilities with his passion for helping other people makes him a key to beremedy's success.



Chelsie Rohlen
Volunteer Coordinator

beremedy's volunteer base is crucial to meeting the needs in our local communities. Coordination of our volunteers is an great task that Chelsie has adopted. As well as a warm spirit and big heart, she brings gifts in administration and communication to beremedy. Chelsie is a go-getter that will makes things happen. Her zeal for people and work ethic of being dilligent in all that she does makes her a joy to work with and an important part of our team.

Tuesday, 09 November 2010 10:36

2 Cribs




This need has been met! A huge thank you to all who donated. If you're just checking beremedy out, below is a great example of the kinds of needs we meet.  


NEW NEED: 2 Cribs


Ebony is a single mom with twin girls. Living in Atlanta (in the Chamblee area) with no family or close friends around makes life pretty difficult. Due to some rough circumstances, Ebony is left jobless and lost her home. Her baby girls need a place to sleep. There are several things that Ebony needs for her little ones but we're asking for 2 cribs so they have a place to sleep. If you can help with this need or know someone who can, email Jamie Prentice at She'll make sure that your much needed donations get to the precious little girls. Thanks for being the remedy!

For your convenience, you can buy online here:


If you have other baby items that you'd like to get rid of or buy to donate, here are some other immediate needs. If you can help with any of these needs, great! Every little bit counts. Don't worry about trying to meet the entire need.


Clothes (size 9 months and older) 

Diapers (size 3)


Mattress and Mattress Pad for crib 


Monday, 25 October 2010 17:17





 This need has been met! Thanks for being a remedy!



NEW NEED: 18 Lamps

One of the things that beremedy loves best is working with other organizations to meet needs. Zion Hill came to us with a need that we feel is legit. They need 18 bedroom lamps. Help us out? Here's why you should:


Zion Hill houses homeless women that are above the age of 55 and older that meet the HUD's (housing and urban development) definition of chronically homeless. There are several constituents put into place in order to help these women to their feet and not just aid their stagnant nature. Zion Hill provides housing, transportation assistance, mental health services, counseling services, nursing services and provides various workshops addressing life skills and women issues. The apartments are furnished with the basic necessities to begin their transition. While in the program, the ladies work on goals to obtain income and identify and address the barriers that hinder them from becoming and remaining self sufficient.


We think this is great! If you can help with this need or know someone who can, email Brian Sudduth at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . He's the case manager for this need and is awaiting YOUR email!


ALSO, if you'd like another option, beremedy has a wishlist on You can find it here: We've researched inexpensive quality items to make meeting needs easier! Brian will provide you with a shipping address. Thanks for being the remedy. Remember! "I love lamp!"

Monday, 25 October 2010 12:52






NEW NEED: Shoes 


Shoes seem to be a staple in life. Those who would rather not step barefoot on a nail, gum, or prickly pinecone, typically choose to wear shoes. Some people can't provide themselves with a pair. This is a problem. According to the social workers that we work with, there's a boy who needs a pair of shoes, size 6 1/2 in mens. It looks like he's made the choice to avoid getting a weird foot fungus or picking gum out from between his toes (gross), but has no means of acquiring the much needed pair. If you can help out with this need, or know someone who can, email us! The case manager for this need is Amy Bley and her email address is She is patiently awaiting YOUR email!  ALSO, you have options! If you'd like to buy online, follow this link to our wish list on Here, we've searched for some inexpensive quality items to make it a little easier. Amy can give you details on the shipping address. Happy shopping! Thanks for being a remedy!


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